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Orange County Duct CleaningAt AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air we are indoor air quality specialists. Our Orange County duct cleaning technicians have the training and equipment to ensure the ductwork of your heating and air conditioning systems are cleaned thoroughly so that only clean air is circulating through our home or business - not a myriad of air pollution such as mold, dust, and pollen.

Is it Allergies? Or Dirty Air Ducts?

If you are suffering from allergies, it may not be the seasonal pollen causing all the sneezing, water eyes and stuffy-nosed symptoms. The air ducts for our HVAC systems can also contribute to allergy symptoms as well as a variety of other upper respiratory problems including asthma if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. So if you are experiencing allergy symptoms, headaches, dizziness, and/or fatigue while inside your Orange County area home or business, it may mean that you have a case of dirty vents and air ducts - not that you are just suffering from this season's allergies.

How Dirty Air Ducts and Vents Contribute to Health Issues

The ductwork of your heating and air conditioning system works to circulate air throughout the rooms in your home or business all year long, day after day, hour after hour. If the air ducts and vents are dirty, they will just recirculate air pollution. Pollen, dust, dirt, pet dander, bacteria, and mold are all common pollutants that make their way into air ducts, and unless the ducts and vents are cleaned, all these allergens just gets circulated over and over again, causing more than a few health problems if left unattended.

So do yourself a favor this season and schedule service with our professional Orange County duct cleaning contractors. If your home or business has experienced a mold problem, duct and vent cleaning are a must. Without proper duct cleaning, you could find that the mold problem returns. Mold has a tendency to hide and thrive in HVAC ducts, and this can cause severe health problems.

Call your Orange County air conditioning contractor at AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air. today to learn more about our indoor air quality services or to schedule duct cleaning for your HVAC system. It's time you started breathing a little easier - let AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air. help by ensuring your air ducts and vents are supplying you with clean air.

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