Orange County Heating Services

AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air is a professional Orange County heating contractor providing a full range of heating services for both residential and light commercial application. Our heating services include: Sales - Service - Free Proposal on New Installations, Central Heating (Forced Air Units), Floor & Wall Furnaces, Roof Top Units, Electronic Ignition, Cracked Fireboxes, Duct Replacement-Repair, Thermostats, Gas Leaks, Electrical problems, Energy Saving Maintenance Programs, and much more.

Heating Services We Provide in Orange County

Central Heating

Orange County Central HeatingOur central heating repair and installation services include furnace maintenance, heat pump installation and much more. From furnace inspection to replacing air filters to providing heat pump repair, our Orange County central heating experts will provide professional service that will ensure your central heating system is operating at peak efficiency to keep you comfortable. [...] Read More

Duct Cleaning

Orange County Duct CleaningAll kinds of air pollution can live inside the air ducts of your heating system. Pollen, dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, and mold are just a few types of pollution that can make a home out of your ductwork. Mold in particular is a major health concern. If your home or business has suffered from mold growth, it is critical that you schedule professional duct cleaning services immediately. [...] Read More

Duct Replacement

Orange County Duct ReplacementOur duct replacement and heating experts are certified and highly professional technicians you can rely to ensure that your heating system's air ducts are installed properly. [...] Read More


Orange County ZoningAre there cold spots in your home, such as a basement that never gets quite warm enough no matter how high you set the thermostat of your furnace or central heating system? Well, zoning can help with that. Zoning systems from AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air work to provide an energy efficient heating solution for your entire home, setting up "zones" that directly address cold spots and hots spots within the home. [...] Read More

Floor/Wall Furnaces

Orange County FurnaceaIf your heating system or furnace outdated, broken beyond repair and ready to be replaced? One thing you want to look into is replacing your old furnace with a new energy efficient heating system. This not only will provide you with more benefits, but can also save you money. [...] Read More

Furnace Repairs

Orange County Furnace RepairsIf you have a gas furnace, let our residential heating experts take care of any repair or maintenance work you need done. Gas furnaces are never something an inexperienced personal should play around with, as the damages can include more than just your furnace. [...] Read More

Air Filtration

Orange County Air FiltrationOur air filtration systems offer premium indoor air quality improvement for homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Our air filtration systems are easy to use and built to last while providing an energy efficient solution to your air purification needs. Don't just settle for what your HVAC system is providing you - get cleaner, healthier air with the help of our air filters. [...] Read More

Maintenance Programs

Orange County heating maintenanceWant to save money on your heating bills AND ensure your heating system doesn't break down this winter? Call us today to learn about our money saving heating maintenance program! [...] Read More

If you are looking for an Orange County heating expert then please call 714-970-5885 or complete our online request form.