Orange County Tankless Water HeaterWhen it comes right down to it, while hot water heaters all work the same, that does not mean that they all the same. You can get a small, medium or large water heater depending on the needs of your Orange County home. The water inside the tanks can also be heated two different ways, depending on how your house was originally designed. Your water tank can either be a gas water tank or an electric water tank.

If it is time for an upgrade, either if yours is on it's last leg or you are considering a remodeling project, then you may want to ponder a tankless water heater. These have all the benefits of your ‘run of the mill’ hot water heater that resides in your garage. The good thing about these beautiful little boxes is not only does it heat the water you are using, it is ultra small and compact and takes up very little room in the section of the house that it is in. This means more space int he garage and less energy being spent on conventional hot water heaters, thus, less money. Since the beast in the garage is not running all day long to keep the gallons and gallons of water warm, your power bill goes down. Over time, this little device can actually pay for itself.

When you hire one of our Orange County water heater contractors from AA Atlas Plumbing to come to your place of residence, we can professionally install a tankless water heater system that could take up to 20% off of your annual power bill. So . . . More hot water for mom to take her bubble baths in, more shower time for the teenage drama queen and more money in daddy’s pocket. Now that's something we can all enjoy!

And just to put your mind at ease, should the ever be a problem with your tankless hot water heater, we will not box it up and send it to the manufacturer’s repair shop - we are the repair shop. When it comes to repairs of your water heater, we have got you covered. We are the ones to call if you are experiencing trouble with your tankless hot water heater from any of the major brands like these great manufacturers - Noritz, Takagi or Rheem - we can and will repair it. Actually, we can actually repair anyone's hot water heater, regardless of manufacturer. Our professional tankless hot water heater experts have the years of training and experience to fully repair your water heater should anything go wrong with it.

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