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Why Choose Anaheim Hills Copper Piping?


When you are deciding on what type of plumbing to install in your Anaheim Hills home, you have several different options. Metal piping is a sturdy option. Plastic piping is an affordable option. PEX piping is a flexible option, but there is one piping option that has all of these attributes and more. Copper piping is an excellent choice for your plumbing system for several different reasons.

Copper piping is made out of copper zinc, and it is most often used for transporting hot and cold tap water through your house. Some homeowners used copper piping it is used as refrigerant line in an HVAC system. If you are building a new house or remodeling the plumbing in your old house, Anaheim Hills copper piping is an excellent choice for your pipes.

When you installing Anaheim Hills copper piping in your home, you will find there are two main types of copper piping, and each one has a different place that it is recommended to be used.

The Two Main Types of Anaheim Hills Copper Piping:

  • Soft Copper Tubing – Soft copper tubing is a type of piping that can be bent easily and travels around obstacles. It can be joined together with a variety of different methods. It is the only type of copper piping recommended for flare connections. It is also a popular choice for refrigerant lines and in spilt-system air conditioners and heat pumps.
  • Rigid Copper – Rigid copper is a solidly built copper pipe. It is popular choice for waterlines. These pipes are connected using sweat, compression or crimped/pressed connection. It cannot be bent like soft copper tubing so elbow fittings are required to go around certain obstacles.

Advantages of Anaheim Hills Copper Piping:

While most piping materials have their own separate benefits, copper piping has several different advantages. When you are looking for a great type of piping material and popular style, Anaheim Hills copper piping is the answer.

One of the biggest advantages of installing copper piping in your home is the long record of reliability. Copper piping has been a popular piping material for several years, and it is easy to see why. When you have a professional Anaheim Hills plumber install copper piping in your home, you are increase the resale value of your home. Potential home-buyers will be impressed with the longevity and strength of your copper piping system.

Although there are cheaper piping materials available, you have to realize that you get what you pay for. Copper piping might cost more, but you get more for your money. It is overall the best choice for economy and value. Since it is low maintenance it requires less money for repairs.

Another great reason to install copper piping in your home is the safety feature. Copper piping is a heat resistant piping option, and it will stand up to fires and combustions. It also discourages the growth of harmful bacteria and contaminates cannot penetrate it.

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