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Orange County Hydro Jetting 

Effective Drain Cleaning Solutions 

If you’ve got a tough blockage in your drain or sewer lines, rely on AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air for hydro jetting services in Orange County. Since 1989, our devoted technicians have made it our highest priority to support the needs of residents living and working in the region of Orange County.

Trust our hydro jetting team to fix any issues related to:

  • Main sewer lines
  • Clogged drains
  • Slow drainage 
  • Scale and buildup 
  • Tree roots in sewer lines
  • Toilet clogs

Contact us now at (714) 970-5885, and we can get started on clearing out your plumbing system with our powerful hydro jetting equipment. 

Schedule Hydro Jetting Today to Tackle Persistent Clogs

Stubborn clogs are among the most common and irritating plumbing issues homeowners face. Clogs can be caused by all sorts of things, ranging from a long-term accumulation of toilet paper, hair, and soap scum to gnarled tree roots that have overtaken your sewer lines over the years. Perhaps your toddler flushed their favorite toy when you weren’t looking, or your garbage disposal has not been thoroughly grinding bits of food, shells, seeds, and coffee grounds. Worst of all, maybe there is a septic blockage somewhere deep in the line. 

No matter what is blocking your drains or sewer pipes, it is critical to get the issue taken care of before it evolves into something worse. The best manner of accomplishing this is utilizing hydro jetting. You can trust our powerful hydro jetter to blast through the obstinate blockage. This innovative method not only effectively gets rid of the clog but also thoroughly cleans the inside of the pipes. 

Does Hydro Jetting Get Rid of Tree Roots? 

Tree roots are always in search of water, especially in the dry climate of Southern California. This is why so many residents have to deal with tree root intrusion in their pipes. If you have noticed your shower draining slower than usual or gurgling coming from your drains, the issue might be related to roots growing inside your sewer lines. Hydro jetting is a proven method for removing these pesky invaders. A hydro jetter is more than adequate to cut through most tree root issues inside pipes. 

Regular Plumbing Maintenance with Hydro Jetting 

Although many property owners think about hydro jetting as an emergency solution for a severe clog, it is also an effective maintenance tool. By scheduling hydro jetting from time to time, you will be able to prevent many problems before they start. Unlike other forms of drain cleaning, a powerful hydro jetter is able to even remove the crusty deposits of thick scale and other mineral collections that develop within your pipes’ inner lining. 

If you’re tired of the water in your sinks and bathtubs running slowly, and your toilets backing up with dirty water, depend on our hydro jetting solutions. Speak to any one of our techs at AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air to ask more questions about descaling your pipes.

Call us today at (714) 970-5885 or contact us online for the relief of dependable Orange County hydro jetting.


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    I highly recommend this company. They are pleasant to deal with, friendly and affordable. I had a slab leak which Bryan and Ryan came out to survey.

    - Renee H.
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    Honestly, great experience having them fix my furnace/heater. Arrived ahead of schedule, guy was very smart, genuine and came across very honest.

    - Christopher A.
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    HIGHLY RECOMMEND AA ATLAS for all your plumbing, heating and ac needs. Great company, I'm glad I went with them. Very friendly, honest, knowledgeable, fair, efficient, punctual and professional employees.

    - Sal C.
    "Fantastic Experience!"

    My entire experience with AA Atlas was fantastic! I arranged a meeting day and time with Ian, and him and his partner showed up promptly (no huge ranges of time where you’re waiting around for them to arrive!).

    - Justin N.

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