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3 Tips To Avoid Anaheim Plumbing Problems


It only makes sense that we don’t noticed our Anaheim plumbing systems until problems pop up. We may see a rusted fixture or control valve and not give it a second thought until the thing springs a leak. Or we may not notice how slow our drains are working until the plumbing backs up. This is normal because most parts of your Anaheim plumbing system is hidden under the house, in walls, and underground. It’s out of sight and we get used to seeing things all the time. 

From day to day, there can be problems in certain areas of your Anaheim plumbing system that you don’t know are going on. AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating, & Air loves to educate homeowners about plumbing problems and how to avoid them. Here are a few tips to keep from experiencing plumbing clogs, leaks, slow moving water flow, backups, and more.

1. Replace your water heater or have it cleaned out by a professional Anaheim plumber. Your water heater heats the sediments present in all water supply to a degree where the sediments turn into scale. Scale sticks to the water heater tank, elements, pipes, drains, faucets, shower head, dishwasher, dishes, clothes, and everything else it is exposed to. Having your Anaheim plumbing professional do a water heater flush out or replacement when it’s time will help you avoid narrowing pipes and rusted out fixtures.

2. Speaking of narrowing pipes, over time plumbing pipes will slowly close up to where everything starts to catch and clog when scale is present. A good high-pressure water jet cleaning from your local Anaheim plumbing professional is in order if you have slow moving drains or fresh water flow. This will solve your clog problems and low water pressure problems for some time.

3. To permanently rid your Anaheim pipes, fixtures, drains, and other plumbing components of scale or lime, your best option is installing a whole-home water softening and/or filtration system that will take care of the problems these substances cause for good. Have the water heater cleaned and pipes cleaned professionally prior to the installation and you’ll be starting fresh.

There are many preventative measures that can be taken for your Anaheim plumbing system in order to avoid problems. To avoid leaks, makes sure your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and connections are in good shape and are repaired before they spring a leak. Maintaining your plumbing is the best way to ensure you have great fresh water and wastewater removal for your home at all times.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Avoiding Anaheim Plumbing Problems, please call AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (714) 970-5885 or complete our online request form.

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