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Gas Leak Safety: What You Need To Know


If you are a Southern California resident and you utilize propane or other forms of fuel in order to operate appliances or equipment in your property, then it’s important to know the facts about natural gas. Getting the facts does more than just help you to use your appliances more efficiently. It also creates a safe environment for you and your family and also helps you avoid disaster. If you smell gas or are suspicious that your pipeline of equipment is leaking then contact a AA Atlas Plumbing Heating & Air specialist immediately in order to get an accurate Gas Leak Safety inspection or proper maintenance on your natural gas system.

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

The most important rule in solving in potential gas problem in your home is to resist the temptation to locate or fix the problem yourself. California has strict regulations and codes regarding natural gas utilization and repair. Minimize or eliminate the use of any electronics, gas stoves, and do not light any matches or lighters. Do not start your car, and refrain from operating anything that could ignite the gas. Do not try to shut off the gas valves and immediately leave the house. Once out of the house, contact a California licensed and certified natural gas company that can perform a thorough professional inspection. Do not walk back into the home until a technician arrives and insures that it is safe to do so.

What Are The Signs of A Gas Leak?

Smelling gas is not always a sign of a gas leak. In some cases, someone may not be operating an appliance correctly. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There are some tell-tale signs, however, that a gas leak is present in the home. If your home has a strong rotten egg smell throughout the interior, then this could indicate that a serious leak is occurring. Other signs may include brown vegetation, dirt arising from a hole in the ground, flooding, a blowing or hissing sound near the pipeline, and, of course, any flames.

Choosing The Right Technician

The best strategy to hiring a qualified contractor to inspect or repair a leak is to have a plan in advance. When leaks occur, time is already working against you. This is not the time to try to find just any plumber and make a rash decision. The time is now to find a reputable company. Make sure they are California licensed and certified specifically in working with natural gas lines. Using a non-licensed company is not only dangerous, but it’s also against the law. Save yourself the hassle by doing your homework. Once you find a qualified technician, keep their contact information in a handy place that you can access right away, such as a magnet on the refrigerator.

Know Where Your Pipes Are

Although it is never a good idea to perform your own inspections or repairs, it is a wise to have a general understanding of your gas systems and where the pipes run. This helps you to avoid possible damage to the pipes when you are digging in your yard, performing interior renovation, or driving heavy equipment or vehicles across the yard. Being able to map out your natural gas line will also help a technician in the event that you have to call them out to the house. An official diagram of the system is recommended.

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