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How To Choose An Orange County Plumber


As a local Orange County homeowner, one of the responsibilities that you have is to select a professional plumber to work with. There will be plenty of times during the time spent in your home when you will need plumbing services. It is a better idea to have one you can work with, on a regular basis, as opposed to trying to hire one on the spot, in the midst of a crisis.

The second approach is how people often end up making poor choices and inferior workmanship. You should never have to hire a second plumber to come out and take care of the work the initial plumber did. So go through the steps that will help you track down the right expert for you and get the quality service you need, even during emergencies. 

Questions to Ask

Bringing in a professional to work on your plumbing is just like hiring someone for any type of job. There are questions you should ask during an initial screening, and references you should followup with. Some sample questions include:

Are you licensed and insured?

There is nothing wrong with asking to see current proof in order to make sure it is up to date. There is also no reason for a so-called professional to lack licensing, insurance or both.

What will the total cost be?

Don’t just get a price for what the hourly rate is, find out what the projected final cost is going to be. Get that in writing and if any adjustments are agreed upon that differ from what you have on paper, make it a point to change and initial these changes.

Who does the work?

It is hard to work with a company that claims to take pride in their work and stand behind it and then they farm it out to subcontractors. Who you meet with is who should be doing the work, unless some aspect of it is outside their skill level or licensing and you are made aware of it ahead of time.

It also is a good idea to find out more about what they do if something breaks and if they clean up before considering the job completed. The bottom line is that any professional you consider should want your business in the future and should offer the best possible results. This is why so many locals count on AA Atlas Plumbing, Heating & Air for the best plumbing work around.

If you are looking for an Orange County plumber then please call (714) 970-5885 or complete our online request form.

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